What is

the GAP?

Photo by: Christine Nesbitt (UNICEF 2010)

In June 2019, the UN Secretary General commissioned UN agencies working on nutrition (FAO, UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP and WHO) with preparing the first-ever Global Action Plan (GAP) on Child Wasting. The plan aimed to respond to the slow progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal on reducing childhood wasting, and to growing calls for a more coordinated and streamlined UN approach to addressing this challenge. 
The newly released GAP Framework identifies four critical outcomes to achieving the SDG target on child wasting and to improving early detection and treatment for those who need it: 


Reduced incidence of low birthweight


Improved infant and young child feeding


Improved child health


Improved early detection and treatment of child wasting

Under each outcome, the Framework identifies pathways to accelerate the delivery of essential actions and to create an enabling environment for their success. UNICEF will lead the development of the Roadmap for Action, supporting countries to implement context-specific commitments to reach the global SDG target on child wasting.