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The generation 

of new evidence


The Generation of

New Evidence


To support the delivery of impactful actions for the prevention and treatment of child wasting, policy and practice will need to be reviewed and updated to reflect the latest evidence. The World Health Organization (WHO) and its partners have identified evidence gaps which will require additional operational and scientific research. This Agenda will be further detailed in consultation with key stakeholders at global, regional and country level to identify specific evidence needs to support operational delivery at scale and global normative guidance. 


Over the next five years, WHO, with the support of other UN agencies, will coordinate and oversee the generation of new evidence to address these gaps and accelerate the process to update global normative guidance for the prevention and treatment of child wasting. In doing so, WHO will collaborate with  national governments, academics, donors and other stakeholders to regularly update the global community on key emerging evidence and their wider implication for policy and practice.

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